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Application of Smart Phone

Application of Smart Phone...

Thermal conductive graphite sheet is a new thermal conductive and heat dissipating material. It conducts heat evenly along both sides and improves the performanc...

Application of PCB Electronic E

Application of PCB Electronic E...

Thermal interface silicone material is high-performance,thermal conductive gap filling materials, mainly for the transmission interface between the electronic eq...

Application of Power Supply Equ

Application of Power Supply Equ...

HCH series heat conduction sealant is a low viscosity silicone sealant with good fluidity and stability. After mixing, it can be cured at room temperature or hea...

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We are a manufacturer of thermal interface materials. We specialize in research & development, production and sale of thermal conductivity materials. We offer a wide range of products for thermal interface management to our customers, including high-performance thermal conductivity silicon pads, thermally conductive gap filling materials, graphite sheets, thermal conductive adhesives, thermally conductive insulation pads, soft silicon thermally conductive pads, thermal conductive insulated tube.



About the Certificates & Safety
All our products are passed SGS,RoHs third-party certification.So far,the substances that customers d
The Characteristics of Thermal Conductive Materials
Yes,all our thermal conductive materials are isolating with the voltage endurance over thousands of v
The Product Series of Our Company
We have Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad with different thermal conductivity including HC100,HC150,HC2
The Service Life & Shelf Life of Materials
Our thermal conductive silicone pad use silicone rubber as based material. The service life of silico
Why Use Thermal Conductive Materials
For customer,one of the most important thing of electronic products is stability besides functions.Ge

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